How to restart the Distribution Wizard?

Upgraded to 10.7. I stopped the XWiki service before I logged in the first, because I had forgotten to leave set to 1 before I started the service the first time and the next time the DW did not appear. Since I was told not to delete the status.xml in this post,, how do I get the DW to start?

Well, scratch that, my upgrade process failed and I’m still on 10.6.1. Still, how do force the DW to run again if we need to?

The DW will only appear if you’re logged in and logged in as admin (see

Normally you don’t have to force it, it’ll appear when it should appear :slight_smile:

how do force the DW to run again if we need to

The DW always appear if there is stuff to do. That’s unless you force it to not appear (by clicking on “Never”) in which case all you can do is remove or modify the status.xml since that’s where this information in stored.

I’ve had it not appear though in the past, for various reasons. I’d have to go back through my list and find the instances this occurred. So there is no “safe” way to force it to run again?

I guess you can edit the status.xml and change the state to force it, but you shouldn’t need to do that, unless you clicked “never”. Did you do that?

@tmortagne I think we need to document this since users can click “never” and then need to run the DW so we probably need to update the doc and explain precisely what to change in this case. WDYT about adding this to ?

I don’t think so. Most of the times it works fine, but even in, I did not get it until I deleted status.xml.

So there are times we might not get it or we should get it on every upgrade?

This does not appear to have been done. I’m concerned that the DW did not finish completely ( Is there not a way to verify this?

I just went ahead and started the 11.7 upgrade and the DW is running now.

Well, that worked, up to the point of Now, I’m in the same boat. Don’t know if DW finished. Can’t restart it.