L10n wiki is down

Hi there:

Etat HTTP 500 - com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiException: Error number 11007 in 0: Failed to extract Entity Resource Reference

Read the full backtrace

you forum don’t allow me to post so much content, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/ig7RLtt1zFeARIIpeXZ5ZQ

Looking into it. Thanks for the report !

It’s back.

Looks fine to me. Maybe someone was restarting it when you tried or something like this.

Not sure how to understand this. Do you think its a nice feature ? Does not make sense ? Does not work ?

OK this time it indeed looks down. Restarting it. Looks like someone is doing something expensive on it.


Looks like l10n.xwiki.org is being pressured by something triggering all kind of export and clicking everywhere.

what shoud we understand from this link?

Any reason not to use a translation platform? All this is quite confusing. Eating your own dogfood is great, but having the same software doing everything is not a good idea. “Do one thing, but do it well”.

I personnally suggest the Weblate translation platform, but whatever you’ll find suitable (only of FLOSS, there also a few good quality tools: pontoon, pootle, zanata, etc.).

@jibec Although this is off-topic (and I apologize) I would be curious for what use case you are using XWiki :slight_smile: (and think it’s the strongest scenario / XWiki should focus its development on it from your POV). Thanks :slight_smile:

I completely agree with this (using the best tool for the job). Right now l10n is very suboptimal and since this is going on for years, it shows that we don’t have the manpower to maintain it properly.

However I think the reason we’ve not switched to something else is:

  • It takes time to do so, so someone needs to do it (are you volunteering? :))
  • We’re benefitting from some interesting features, namely we generate the Java property files and support key deprecation, moving keys, translations in XWiki XML format (that could be hard to support with an external service), etc.


I confirm the translation tool is not usable tonight:I can not list what translations left are to be done for french ;-(.
I see that I’m the last one to have spent time to make a contribution 4 days ago.

I see it as a confirmation it’s very hard to contribute in these conditions.

+1 for Weblate.


Any news about this platform? URL http://l10n.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/L10N/StatusByLanguage?language=fr returns now
Error 502 Ray ID: 3a82dc4ad06469a6 • 2017-10-03 21:05:36 UTC
Bad gateway

Thanks for your reply,

So here is the situation: we blacklisted a whole range of IP (46.229.168.*) that where putting l10n wiki in high pressure (and also calling expensive features like html export) all the time. Looks OK right now, we’ll see how it goes.

Note: it might be a bit slow from time to time because the Solr indexer is currently running.

Solr indexing done, seems OK now.


Some weeks later I come back (again) to improve translation … I’m not able to sign-in => 500 Internal Server Error.

Maybe it’s time to work seriously on the translation platform to make it realy running. Except if Xwiki SAS agrees that Xwiki products need to be available only in one language EN ;-(.

Best regards,

Sorry about your pain @xrichard:frowning:

Seems l10n is back on track this morning. I was able to log in. However it’s extremely slow and a major PITA to use…

Since this has been going on for a long time with l10n this proves clearly to me that we’re not able to maintain a dedicated translation platform and that we need to externalize this need.

What we would need now is a volunteer to help evaluate weblate or some other translation platform and work on a process so that we can import translations from it in our release script, i.e. something to replace https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-dev-tools/blob/master/xwiki-release-scripts/staged/release-translations.sh

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Well, about hosting: here is what I create to host weblate:

It works fine for: https://holcroft.fr/weblate/ and http://translate.yunohost.org

About scripts, you should not use it anymore if you use a format weblate understands. This probably is the biggest issue. I’ll be pleased to collaborate with you on this subject, you already have my email :slight_smile:

We still need the script :wink: This script simply downloads the translations files from the remote site (l10n.xwiki.org FTM but could be weblate in the future), and applies it locally in git and commit/push.

We use 2 formats for translations ATM:

  • java properties files
  • XWiki XML format for a wiki page

For the XWiki XML format I guess we could do that locally in the script and include the remotely translated piece of text into the XML file.

We also support deprecating translations keys and have tools to copy/move keys.