L10n wiki is down


For the XWiki XML format I guess we could do that locally in the script and include the remotely translated piece of text into the XML file.

That’s for the release but there is also conversion need for the update.

Another issue is our special syntax for parameters support.


So, java properties should be no problem: https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/formats.html?highlight=java#java-properties
XWiki XML need investigation, but I used itstools to convert xml to standard po in this project https://pagure.io/fedora-cheat-cubes

What I meant is, with weblate handling configuration (ie: were are the files to translate), the commit mechanism (on github it will open a PR), the script should be easier (no more connection to wiki, no more git commands). To be honest, I’m unsure what will still be here at the end.

I use Weblate as an example as it is the only one I really know well. Pootle or Pontoon will have a similar behavios. Some other tool like transifex or Zanata will still require a script to manually push and pull changes.


Ah ok, indeed, in this case this removes the need for a translation release step at xwiki release time. That’s good actually and allows counting translations as commits :wink: (and thus reward contributions from translators!). OTOH this means a lot of PRs and a lot of CI rebuilds :wink:


well, the design is more like: one PR to rule them all: https://github.com/YunoHost/apps/pull/201 (this is an unfinished translation mechanism which was never merged)
if the PR is not merged yet, it will reuse it

The concept of “commit” is more related to “number of consecutive changes”, if I change a few strings in a minute, all of them will be in the same commit. If I edit a few string during the day, it will most likely makes a few commits. I assume it is related to the user session and the edit lock.


Hi all,

Any news on this?

I tried again to correct some strings right now and … l10n server is still / again unusable ;-).


Looks OK to me right now. Maybe you tried during some restart. It does not seems to have crashed much recently (did not received related mails), it’s possible it was slow (it’s considered “crashed” and restarted when it takes more than 300s to access the home page currently).


Hi all,

I’m once trying to improve translation but yet even login is “running in circles” for more than 5 minutes ;-).
Does any action has been taken to improve / change the translation platform since last posts?

Thanks in advance for your answers,


I fixed a “not space left on device” yesterday but it was a few hours before your message and I did not notice any other incident since. It’s not lighting fast right now but the scale is closer to 30s than 5 minutes according to Firefox (in view).

Solr have been moved to a different server to reduce pressure on the instance. Memory is still low for MySQL to be fully comfortable with this kind of volume to have good performances but it’s been much more stable.

In the meantime we are currently testing a Weblate based solution to replace l10n.xwiki.org.


I’m definitively unlucky :disappointed_relieved:: tonight page http://l10n.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/L10N/StatusByLanguage?language=fr returns “500 Internal Server Error”.

Hope you will soon move to weblate which is a very good and stable translation tool (if you notice any translation errors in french don’t hesitate to report them … I have personally translated weblate front-end to french, the backend is more the business of a french speaking canadian translator).



We still have a few tweaking to do it seems, solr was taking too much memory on his dedicated (but too low on memory) VM causing endless error log on l10n side (and filling the drive). Should be much better now.


Thanks Thomas for your quick actions ;-).

Unfortunately it is still (again) very slow right now, for instance since 14h25 (Paris time, ie 7 minutes ago), l10n is trying to display page: http://l10n.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/L10N/StatusByLanguage?language=fr

Can you have a look?

Update: received a “500 Internal Server Error” 13 minutes after my request ;-(.


This is actually something specific to StatusByLanguage page which is not well designed and calculate way too many things. After a first execution most of it end up in a cache (I don’t get a timeout right now) but I’m pretty sure this pages always produced a timeout when you access it with an empty cache (or maybe when there was a lot less translations resources).

The rest of l10n.xwiki.org looks OK to me.

This is actually a timeout I think (the page execution continue behind the scene and fill the cache).


Thanks for your explanations.

Can you please give me a process to translate “missing strings” without using StatusByLanguage page (which is regularly broken and use is mandatory from my point of view)?


I don’t think there is any other place where you can see missing translations for all the applications at the same time if that’s your question so if its required I guess you need to “start” StatusByLanguage and come back later when everything is in the cache but the risk is that something else invalidated the cache.

In the meantime I did the following to speed up this page (but it’s still doing a lot of requests when the cache is empty even if a lot less):

  • removed dead applications
  • removed dead translation files
  • removed non critical columns (only kept empty and outdated)



The table has a strange sort order => see screenshot.screenshot%20xwiki

Sorry to be back again Thomas :frowning:


There is actually no kind of ordering at all :slight_smile:


I was used to click on columns to sort them according to my needs (columns titles are still clickable and sort arrows are displayed right to labels).

Can you have a look to restore sort capabilities? Thanks.


Ha I tough you were talking about the default view you get when loading the page. The table should work as usual since all I did is removing some columns.


@xrichard you will be happy to notice that https://l10n.xwiki.org is currently getting a small upgrade :wink:


Glad to see this! Congratulations!
Would be perfect if before release, warn translators so they can come and have a sprint :slight_smile:

I have to say we do understand what is to do now: https://l10n.xwiki.org/languages/

Please enable Oauth authentification for friendly projects, like OpenSuse, Fedora and Ubuntu, there is no reason not to welcome friends :slight_smile: