Meetup #2 on Google Hangouts On Air

Following our first meetup, I’m announcing the second meetup!

Next meetup details:

The goal is to have some open discussions about XWiki: pain points, future, ideas, etc.

However, to serve as an anchor for the discussion, I’m proposing that the XWiki committers who will be present describe the new features of XWiki 9.8 which will have been released the week before the meeting.

Last time we were 5-6, let’s try to beat our record!



So who’s going to participate? :slight_smile:

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It’s tonight! :slight_smile:

Join us to discuss anything you wish about XWiki. We’ll also present the new features of XWiki 9.8.

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ok so the right link is


I can’t seem to see the conversation in my chat history. Does this need enabling from your end?

Would appreciate a copy if you can get it to me.


@ben.megson @Pbas Thanks for joining the meetup, that was very cool!

@ben.megson WDYM by chat history? The video recording is at (is that what you meant?).

I thought the messages and links you were sharing on the right would be saved to my gmail, but I can only see when people entered or left the meeting.

np it was very interesting despite my poor english speaking and my speakers problems :wink:

Anyways, new release and Ben xwiki presentation was interesting (the luxury of Rolls-royce touched me! :wink: ).

I don’t know if your meeting is the right place for this, but It would be interesting if one xwiki user show what is doing with xwiki at each hangout (with share screen feature):

  • frontpage (or space) customization
  • a xwiki app developped
  • which xwiki are usefull
  • and particulary hard issues the user/dev encountered and how he managed to fix it
    Of course, a xwiki user/dev/admin would be better but It could be a xwiki user/dev/admin from web site…
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This is an excellent idea! Would you volunteer to show us something next time? :slight_smile:

I knew it! :confused::wink:

k then but I use xwiki 8.4.4 version… still interested?
Anyway maybe I can prepare a slide (I don’t know if we can show a slide at the side of hangout in same time than a screen)

I could not participate yesterday, but I did follow up your uploaded video.

@ben.megson: I also did liked the explanation of Ben very much and it was very interesting to get some other excellent ideas how useful wikis are.

@vmassol Thanks for the video upload!

@Pbas: I also think that it is an excellent suggestion to have a short presentation of XWiki Users in those hangup sessions.

What I wondered about is maybe it would also help if the XWiki would provide something like a clear “expectation” of XWiki usage and user behavior. I mean, during my irritations and according to Ben’s statements it’s e.g. obvious that there are some difficulties in the understanding of the terms and function of Watchlist, Activity stream and the new Notifications…

On the other hand Ben reflected the strength of XWiki regarding search and right management very well.
For this I would like to share the origin why I got interested to XWiki and decided to use it as an collaboration tool, which was beginning with a google search “alternative confluence” and was leading to a german introduction / report for XWiki.
After reading the article I’ve been interested, due to the fact that many demanded features are already delivered by XWiki.

Here’s the direct link to this recommendation page for XWiki, due to the fact that it is in german I can offer help in translation if needed.

The main reasons mentioned are:

  • professioneller impression of the webpage
  • clear and detailed documentation
  • opportunity of expansion and active ecosystem
  • user / group management (LDAP connection)
  • powerful right management
  • multi site solution / Container with own rights
  • good editor and easy to use syntax
  • database support
  • versioning
  • good / high usability
  • international support for user interface / backend
  • pattern and templates for documents and formulars

I totally agree with all of this points and would like to give the feedback that XWiki also offers an excellent forum and support community, which is a very very important reason in choosing a software based solution! :+1:

What I am questioning at the moment is how far XWiki can right now and may be even more in future support collaboration in agile project teams, like summarized in

I am look forward to next hangout and lot’s of valuable insights and discussions within the XWiki forum and community! :grinning:


If we are lacking users examples presentations I can put my Atelier des Media’s adminsys hat and present its intranet I guess :slight_smile:

Note: I’ve moved the video from my personal account to the xwiki committers one: It’s now at

Yes that’s interesting. We can have both next time!

@Sascha Thanks a lot for your feedback, that’s very useful.

I hope you can join us next time! (I’ll post the new meetup thread in a few minutes) :slight_smile:

Maybe you could help us by reviewing what we prepared on ? See this thread related to this: Comparing XWiki to MediaWiki and Confluence on Thanks!

Next meetup: Meetup #3 on Google Hangouts On Air

hehe :slight_smile:

Yep, still interested! thx

ok, I don’t know how to go back to the hangout once it’s over… sorry…