Meetup #3 on Google Hangouts On Air

Following our second meetup, I’m announcing the third meetup!

Next meetup details:

The goal is to have some open discussions about XWiki: pain points, future, ideas, etc.

Proposed agenda:

  • Presentation about XWiki 9.9 features (will have been released a few days before)
  • Presentation by Pascal Bastien about how they use XWiki at his workplace
  • Presentation by Thomas on how XWiki is used at Atelier des Medias

Feel free to suggest other topics.


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Meetup added to the xwiki event calendar:

Hello, I’m so sorry I could not show my xwiki web site because … I broke my legs during windsurfing saturday and I must have some rest at home until 15/12. I just go out of hospital and am at home actually
Don’t worry at next hangout in january I try to keep my legs safe to show my xwiki


oh I’m sorry for you Pascal. Take care and rest well.

Thanks to the participants and @tmortagne in particular who has shown us his very nice usage of XWiki for the Aterlier des Medias, a coworking space in Lyon, France.

Video is available here: