Meetup #4 on Google Hangouts On Air

Following our third meetup, I’m announcing the fourth meetup!

Next meetup details:

The goal is to have some open discussions about XWiki: pain points, future, ideas, etc.

Proposed agenda:

  • Presentation about XWiki 9.11 features (will have been released a few days before)
  • XWiki for the Maven project?
  • Anyone else want to present or discuss something specific? Add yourself in reply and I’ll update this post.


So who will come? :slight_smile: (I’ll be there!)

I think you will be only one if it’s on the “221st” of any month. :slight_smile:

Fixed thanks!

So who will be there (edit this post to add yourself and if don’t have permission add as a reply):

  • Vincent Massol (committer)
  • Ecaterina Moraru (committer)
  • Eduard Moraru (committer)
  • Thomas Mortagne (committer)
  • Clément Aubin (committer)
  • Ben Megson (user)
  • Robert Scholte ( chairman Apache Maven project) - to discuss about XWiki and the ASF/Maven project.

To join:

For those interested in the details of ASF CMS, please read ASF Content Management System