Message "failed to lock the page" when tring to edit a page

I can’t edit pages any more in the principal wiki (it still works in subwikis). Maybe it’s linked to the recent update - I’ve noticed a lot of changes included some social features.
I checked that page creation and deletion still work.
Many thanks in advance.

You need to check the server logs for error messages that may be logged when trying to edit a page, and you should also look at the Network tab from the browser’s developer tools to get more information on the failed lock request (check the response).

Thanks @mflorea ,
I have nothing in the catalina log. The network tab gives us nothing after the 302 InplaceEditing get request - no response.
But I also noticed, on the console, an error related to load block of the mixed active content.

We also noticed that it works using WYSIWYG edition.

You don’t have any HTTP requests there with 4xx or 5xx status code? “failed to lock the page” suggests that the lock request has failed, and 302 (redirect) is not a failure. Are there any JavaScript errors in the Console tab?

Capture du 2020-10-23 14-24-57 nothing after 302.
Capture du 2020-10-23 14-25-50 and a “TypeError : b is Null” message I had already before