Moving Reset Password / Forgot Username pages to an extension

Hello everyone,

I’m opening here the discussion about a specific case, having in mind that it might apply in the future to other pages.
So this proposal is about the pages XWiki.ResetPassword and XWiki.ForgotUsername: those pages are deprecated since XWiki 13.1RC1 and the work done in [XWIKI-11205] If view rights are not allowed for guest users then ResetPassword doesn't work - JIRA.
I opened a ticket for removing those pages from XWiki Standard since IMO it’s maintenance for nothing now: [XWIKI-19815] Remove reset password / forgot username pages from Xwiki standard - JIRA.

So the very first question, is do we agree about removing those pages from XWiki Standard?

Second question, related to it: starting to which version should we remove those? IMO we could it right away in XWiki 14.5RC1, but they should remain in LTS.

Third question: do we propose an alternative for people to be able to keep those pages, and if yes, which one?

There is several options I can think of:

  1. We could provide an extension containing those pages. Pro: it’s easy for user to put back the page. Cons: it’s a bit of work to create the extension, now I don’t think it needs many maintenance
  2. We could just move the page to the attic in a dedicated module with intructions for reusing them. Pro: less work for us. Cons: less easy for people to reuse the pages
  3. We could also just document about the pages being removed. Pro: even less work for us. Cons: We put all the work on admins to put back the pages if they need it.

Personally I’m really not sure it worths to create a dedicated extension just for that, now maybe we want to have a systematic way of handling deprecated pages in XWiki Standard and doing that could be setting a good practice.


Definitely does not sound like the kind of change you would do in a LTS.

IMO, it’s pretty much about doing a single release, immediately moving it to the attic and forgetting about it. We could maybe make an exception for this kind of extensions and not create a jira project.


Sounds good.

I guess the use case is just for people who have customized these pages locally. But then in this case they still have them locally. Why would someone need to get these pages since XS doesn’t use them anymore?

In view of this, I’m in favor of solution 3 with doc in the release notes and a link to git for them in case someone really need to get them (or just say to get the latest version of them in version N of XS - the last version containing them).


I apparently forgot to mention it in my first message: the UC is more for people still relying on the old URLs for reset password / forgot username. That’s the main reason why we kept the pages in first place, to not break URLs.

You mean like they have it in their bookmarks and didn’t update them? (as otherwise I don’t see a reason to use the old URLs). I don’t think this is a big issue since there are new URLs available (they just need to update their bookmarks). Having the info in the RN would seem good enough for me.

Thinking more about Wiki admins creating users account and asking their users to reset immediately their password with an automatic email template, the URL could remain in such email template. I think it was @Enygma UC.

But I agree, using RN sounds also enough to me, would need opinion from the others now.