MyXwiki: Error 500


I have noticed that myxwiki was very very slow since some days. Then I noticed the tagcloud macro is not recognized anymore (it returns “Unknown macro: tagcloud”, due to 11.4 update?) and now I get error 500 ;-(!

Can someone have a look and tell us whats going on? Thanks in advance.

The tag cloud macro is a wiki macro located in XWiki.TagCloud page. Maybe for some reason the author of that document in your wiki does not have admin right ?

Works fine on my wiki for example.


Xwiki is up again and the tagCloud macro is working. It looks like the macro crashes because of a performance issue … it was a kind of “warning”.

I have noticed that saving, even a short page, takes a while :unamused:. Could you have a look please?

Was OK yesterday for me but I indeed can reproduce the save slowness right now. Seems MySQL is super slow for some reason, I can see a lot of request being executed for many wikis so maybe it’s just starting to be under too much pressure and would need to optimized a little. Not the perfect time with the main adminsys being on holidays…

I see that most of the time is spent in LiveNotificationEmailListener in my case just for getting some configuration as if the document holding this configuration was huge and never in the cache. Still this listener is not new but maybe the cache size is not big enough anymore (because of too much activity).

I created Loading... for now.

Thanks for the Jira issue I will follow it.

To save a page still take ages on myxwiki (more than 50 seconds right now!).


MyXwiki is down (in maintenance mode?) since more than 30 minutes ;-(.

Please Skol hurry up :rofl: