Navigation empty after updating to XWiki 9.7

After updating to XWiki 9.7 the Navigation is empty…

To get the right understanding I first read the panel section in the documentation.
According to this documentation I cannot find the panel symbol, but the panel section within the administration section.

Due to the rotating notation section I still think a combination of the problem with the empty menu is the cause, so I want to fix this issue first.

Either it is not the case that navigation the problem is not the same as

Within the …//bin/inline/Panels/Navigation path the configuration setting are defined like this:

Code in content is:

## Escape special characters in macro parameter values.
#set ($openToDoc = $doc.documentReference.toString().replaceAll('([~"])', '~$1'))
{{documentTree showTranslations="false" showAttachments="false" compact="true" openTo="document:$openToDoc" /}}

What to do to get the menu containing our existent XWiki pages?

Thanks for your help…

Nav panel seems ok on Are you having the problem on another wiki?

Have you made sure to clear your browser cache too?

@vmassol - Thank’s that’s it… :sweat_smile: