New contrib extension - Numbered Content Application

Hello all,

I’d like to propose the creation of a new contrib extension called Numbered Content Application.

This extension will gather in a single repository several automatic content numbering (i.e., heading, figures, paragraphs) as well as content reference. The features are already covered by multiple extension: Paragraph Numbering Application, and Numbered Reference Macro.
In addition, this extension will provide CKEditor improvements to ease writing documents with automatic content numbering. For instance, pressing tab to change the heading level, or the ability to see the numbers in edit mode.

GitHub - xwiki-contrib/application-paragraph-numbering will be fully replaced by this new extension. Since the paragraph numbering application has never been released, no action will be required from wiki admins.
GitHub - xwiki-contrib/macro-numbered-references: Provides numbered headings and more generally allow to number anything will be replaced by this new extension too, but to prevent unexpected breaking change, migrating to this new extension will need be done manually.

More details can be found on the corresponding design page.

Name of the application: application-numbered-content
Jira project id: NCAPP

We’ll need:


Reference to the numbered content to be precise.

I’m not sure that we should remove this extension. I think it should be separate from the ability to number headings, tables and figures, since it’s a more exotic use case and I’m pretty sure that 99% of users who need numbering don’t need paragraph numbering. WDYT?

I had in mind to group every “numbered” extensions in a single repository (but to allow each numbered-xxx extension to be installable independently of the others). But we can keep numbered paragraph in a separate repository if we want to keep a distinct versioning for it.

Yes but they’d be released and installed all together in XWiki. For ex users will see the Para Numbering Macro in the WYSIWYG editor macro dialog.

ok, so +1 to keep paragraph numbering separated from the rest.

The translations will be available on as soon as we introduce them during the development.