New contrib extension: word-based notification application

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to work on a new contrib extension named Word-based Notification Application which goals is to be able to receive notification when changes included specific words are added in the wiki.
The design page of this new extension is available there:

I already created a new repository to work on it: GitHub - xwiki-contrib/application-notification-word as well as a JIRA project: Loading...

I’ll keep you informed as usual whenever I’ll have a first release.

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@surli I’ve thought a bit about the use case of word-based notifications and I think we could (should?) make it more generic and implement a mechanism to notify users based on changes in XWiki documents. However, not only about changes in words that they’d be watching but something more generic, based on the diff between the previous version of the doc and the new one. So more like “Document change notifications”.


  • The author is changed to this XXX author
  • Such tag is added to a doc
  • The syntax is changed to be markdown/1.0
  • Such a given XObject is added
  • Basically any metadata of a document (and of course content changes, based on words or even other things).

Even if we don’t implement the other UCs now (I find the tag one quite interesting), it would be interesting to make sure our design supports this easily. Maybe this also impacts the name of the contrib repo.