New Job Board category on

Hi devs,

WDYT about a new “Job Board” category (or another better name if you can think of one) for

It would be a place where users can ask for help in doing things for their own xwiki instance:

I feel we could accept it provided it’s about xwiki work. This would separate it more cleanly from “Help/Discuss” which is about asking technical questions about xwiki and not asking for someone to do the work.


Hi Vincent,

the idea is interesting but personally I wouldn’t mix up in the same forum topics about bounty/sponsoring and topics about questions around free help.
It would be cleaner to have a dedicated section of the forum for bounty and for me free help could still remain in the Help/Discuss: IMO asking for free help is far more blurry on should it be the people asking to do the job, or should it be the people answering. While with bounty things are clear.

Basically I’m a bit afraid that the section of the forum would be quickly full of ask for free helps and became and second Help/discuss category.

Note that if we open up a category for bounty/sponsoring we should display it on our Github readme, and maybe we could consider to apply for Github Sponsoring: I didn’t investigated on it, but you topic reminded me its existence.


Yes but they’re different. One is for job board, the other about questions. The separation is pretty clear to me. OTOH doing what you suggest make it very blurry IMO. Mixing questions and job help in the same category is not great IMO. And then you need to separate again between free and paying help and move only the paying help in the job board. I don’t like the approach of segregating on free/paying, I prefer a Question category and a Job Board category. What do others think?

We can link to all our past experiments on bounties, no problem (we have at least 2 past experiences). Trying out Github sponsoring would be yet another attempt but that wasn’t the goal of the this thread indeed.

Just to clarify that’s not what I suggested but indeed I wasn’t very clear :slight_smile: IMO we should have 3 categories:

  • Questions
  • Free job
  • Bounties

ok makes more sense :slight_smile: Now I think this is overkill (because in 15 years we’ve had like 1 or 2 requests) and a bit artificial. I don’t like to separate job board between free and paying. They’re both job board, whether it’s paid by money, by gratitude, by goodies or whatever is irrelevant IMO.

It’s not just bounties for me, it’s really a job board. It can be about asking for help to do something on “your” instance (as opposed to asking a question).

Well, anyway I’m not against trying it.

Yes a job board is a good idea.