Only offer the ability to hide pages to advanced users

Hi devs,

In the context of Removing option to create hidden pages from Page Information panel I think it would be a good idea to hide the ability to hide pages for simple users by default (in the Information tab and editors).

The rationale is that it would unclutter the UI more and provide a better UX for simple users.

I don’t see any obvious use case where a simple user would need to hide a page.





As long as we agree that the notion of hidden is advanced, +1
Wouldn’t make sense to show something advanced to non-advanced users.

Yes that’s basically what this proposal is about (agreeing that the concept of “hidden pages” is advanced).


We do hide this option for all users even advanced ones at all with css. (The same with the option to create a terminated page.)

+1 to remove this option from the editors since it’s displayed in a lot of use cases when it’s actually rarely used by simple users. I can imagine new or non-techsavy users not understanding what a hidden page is, or even accidentally ticking this box when editing a page and wondering why the page disappeared.

+1 to remove it from the information panel too to keep consistency.

Lucas C.

Actually, not exactly. This proposal is only about setting the hidden field. Simple users would still be able to view hidden docs (if they configure it in their preferences).


We ended up adding to the Advanced CSS to remove the option to hide a page from the Information menu. This hides the option for all users.

#informationcontent dt[data-property="hidden"] a {
  display: none;

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