Page breaks on PDF export?

XWiki 14.10.18

Recently, I exported a wiki page that, due to a large table in the page, generated a PDF with two pages and the first is half blank:

Is there a way to at least keep that “Esempi” heading together with the table?

I’ve searched for “page breaks”, but only found:

  1. a thread Some thoughts on printing with XWIKI
  2. an extension (but it’s not clear how to enter them)

If the way shown in the thread in (1) is expected one, can it be turned into a macro, for easier user usage?

There’s also Export to PDF - content on the new page that you missed.

Thanks, so basically CSS is the way to go.

Is this (and maybe other printing-related details) worth an extension or something? I’d see it as an extra control on the editor.