Panels -> Navigation - How to keep this panel expanded?


The Navigation Panel which can be configured here at http:///xwiki/bin/view/Panels/Navigation keeps its node collapsed and insists on collapsing them as you move from one node to another.

How can I configure it so that it is expanded by default? Or expanded to a certain number of levels?

There is no link from that panel page to any configuration manual but I assume the Document Tree Macro is what sits behind this panel. However, I cannot see any option there for making the navigation expand.

XWiki Jetty HSQLDB 9.11.3


It’s not done since this leads to performance issues as soon as you start having largish number of pages. It would also mean doing several queries to the DB.

What’s your real need? (maybe there are other ways to solve it?)

Correct. I’ve added it here:

BTW to verify this you just need to edit the Navigation Panel page and you’ll see what it uses :wink:

Yes because it doesn’t exist :wink:

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I have used something like this in a large Confluence deployment and it worked very well without any delay.

As a stopgap compromise I wouldn’t mind using a navigation menu that is a static (wiki) page that I can edit by hand.

What I meant was that when you go and edit the Navigation Panel you can only see it’s current configuration but there is no link to a place where you can find all the available parameters, examples etc. So if you want to modify how it’s configured you either have to already know it all or search the Internet for it.

That’s easy and you can do that already. Just create a new panel and use it…

See for

You can also check the Quick Links Panel located at Panels.QuickLinks.