Poll tool on xwiki.org

Hi everyone,

few days ago I got the need to organize a pool on design.xwiki.org for chosing a UI. Since I knew that XWiki SAS was proposing a Poll paying application (https://store.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/PollApplication) with free licenses for open-source projects and XWiki.org is already sponsored by XWiki SAS, I installed it on xwiki.org and got a free license for it.

Now I should have asked here before to get everyone’s agreement. Currently we got apparently a 10 year license for it, the renew is mainly about asking directly by opening a JIRA issue (that’s how I got the free license on the first place).
So this is about making sure that everyone’s agree about having this paying app installed on xwiki.org.


User polling vs Dev polling

I think this is only for “xwiki user voting”, right?

Because otherwise we already have an established voting strategy for the development of xwiki and that’s on the dev forum using +1, -1 and 0.

To summarize, I assume you’re not proposing a change for that but only proposing a new tool for user polling. Is that correct?

Polling vs Voting

Is this for voting or for polling?

I’m asking since we already have a tool for polling (LimeSurvey), i.e. for gathering feedback from users, see https://forum.xwiki.org/t/tool-for-surveys-on-xwiki-org/7378

Now I’m pretty sure we can do voting with LimeSurvey too.So it could well be that this is the same topic after all…

If it’s the same domain (and I think it is) then we need to decide when to use one and when to use another I guess. Do you have a proposal @surli?


So what are the alternatives?

I can think of:

  • LimeSurvey (open source)
  • Doodle
  • Any other open source survey tools?

Thanks for starting the topic!


Sounds like it’s same domain. Personally I was wanted to use Poll Application to see the integration of the results with an XWiki doc in design.xwiki.org: the idea being to build the design and show the result of decisions taken with the associated votes directly on the design page. Apparently the feature is not yet supported, but I hope it will be in the future.

You forgot that discourse also integrate a possibility to create polls:

  • yes
  • no

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Right, it’s a very good one actually since it’s integrated in the forum so the best place to engage our users probably. OTOH I don’t know if we can access the data.

Which means that the following is even more important:

We could say we could need two tools:

  1. For long-running surveys. With proper survey features. LimeSurvey feels like a good tool for that.
  2. For small short running surveys.

For 2) there are several options:
a) Doodle (easiest) but then data is lost probably (don’t know how long it’s kept)
b) LimeSurvey (I haven’t used it yet, but maybe it’s easy to create a poll and integrate in the xwiki ui with some HTML - probably)
c) XPoll

I don’t have a strong opinion of 2). Just that I’m not sure that XPoll is stable/good enough. If it’s just for testing the app then I’d say that xwiki.org might not be the best place. Myxwiki.org could be used for that for example or some other XWiki instance. If LimeSurvey is easy to use and integrate, we could use it everywhere. OTOH using XPoll might be easier for a quick poll since it’s just about editing a wiki page (but it needs to work well enough).

For now I think my preferences is:

  • For 1): LimeSurvey
  • For 2): XPoll


Note: LimeSurvey probably offers that (https://forums.limesurvey.org/forum/can-i-do-this-with-limesurvey/81011-embed-survey-in-specified-web-page-div and https://manual.limesurvey.org/statistics#Public_Statistics).