Question on the "Program" Rights

I’m just starting to use the XWiki
Using 10.11.10, only as a site builder

For the access rights (unregistered):
View:Yes Comment:Yes Edit:No Script:No Delete:No Admin:No Register:No Program:X
When program is NO
All the widgets like “Navigation” “Childpages”, also the arrow to show page structure all stuck forever at loading …
When program is YES
Unregistered user is instantly granted right to delete any page.

Does “program” override the “delete”

Just add, when Program is set to No, menus also disappear.

Is this system only designed for a close community? Thanks.

Update: 0145,12/10/2019
More confused now as when I try to disable “Program” for logged in user, the widgets still displays correctly.

Update: 0156,12/10/2019
Found it’s probably related to this:
But not exactly know why, have to open XWiki page to unregistered user, and will expose all user profiles which I don’t want, thinking of a workaround to it.

Update: 0205,12/10/2019
Temporary work around : set XWiki (page and children) to be visible, but (page) to be invisible, it won’t show in the tree, however, clicking creator/modifier of the page still can lead to user profile, I’ll just delete information from users I guess.