Remove the "Default field okay message" configuration from Administration Registration

Hi everyone,

this vote is very close to Remove the live validation configuration from Administration Registration as it concerns the same feature. Along with the capability to enable or disable live validation we also have in the Administration the capability to change the actual message to display below a field when it’s validated. See:

The thing is that this administration configuration feature has been lost as part of this refactoring: XWIKI-16623: Make password changing consistent (#1157) · xwiki/xwiki-platform@99e9389 · GitHub and so we have a regression since XWiki 11.9 about that feature.

Now to my knowledge this has never been reported, and this feature is exactly about changing the value of a translation key, that an administrator can also do by editing a document.
So personally I don’t think this is really a needed feature to have this in the Administration, and a strong argument for this assessment is that nobody saw this bug so far.

Hence I propose that we remove this configuration in 15.10.

This vote is opened for one week until next friday the 27th of October.

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Closing this vote with 4 +1. I’m going to perform this change as part of Loading... as I’m refactoring this area.