Remove the live validation configuration from Administration Registration

Hi everyone,

I’m opening this vote still related to my work on Loading.... I noticed that we have a configuration option in Administration Registration to allow administrators to disable javascript Live validation in the registration form:

As indicated this option is only to disable the frontend validation, the backend validation is always performed. I think this option was put in place back in days when we didn’t have that much javascript in XS.

Nowadays javascript is everywhere in XWiki Standard, I don’t see any reason why someone would disable this and it’s something we need to keep maintaining.
So I propose that we remove the option to disable it and that we remove associated code checking if it’s enabled or not. I propose that we do that work only in 16.x.

The vote is opened for one week until next friday the 27th of October.

Here’s my +1.

Thanks for trying to simplify XWiki, that’s a good move!

Now, I remember that we had always said that XWiki must be usable without javascript (for the base features. I think registration can be considered a base feature). Now it’s possible that we also voted an amendment to that, I don’t recall but I vaguely remember something, but this needs to checked. Does anyone remember?

If we can’t find the VOTE/proposal for that, I think we should resend a VOTE about it so that we’re clear about the topic.


I don’t remember any amendment on the subject, but yes I do remember we said that.
Now for me this is not in contradiction: Registration should still be able to work in javascript is disabled in the browser. Even if Admins decided to enable Live validation in the administration.

The proposal here is only to remove the capability for Admins to disable the Javascript check.


ok good if it works without javascript.

I’ve searched a bit and it was introduced by Caleb in “XAADMINISTRATION-77: Improve the registration interface - Made registration configurable through XWiki.Configurable so it will show up on registration section of administration application.”:

Author: cjdelisle
Date: 2010-02-24 16:20:58 +0100 (Wed, 24 Feb 2010)
New Revision: 27267

See Loading...

I don’t know why Caleb added the option, maybe because livevalidation was introduced by him at the same time (in Loading...) and he thought that it could fail and was thus providing an option to turn it off.

So I’m +1 too as I can’t find a reason to keep it, if we’re sure that users can still register without javascript enabled in their browser.


PS: note that you’ll need to edit the test since Caleb was saying in the issue that he has created tests with an without livevalidation for registration.

Hello @surli,

Just to get things clear: this impacts both registration and password reset, right?

It feels safe, I cannot think of a case when it would be needed to disable the livevalidation.
So +0 from me.
As Vincent said, it’s important that the forms work without javascript, though (that failure is silent).


Well that’s actually probably even safer than what I was expected: it appears that the feature has been dropped a while ago with XWIKI-16623: Make password changing consistent (#1157) · xwiki/xwiki-platform@99e9389 · GitHub

a quick look in the code right now shows that the variable is never used anymore:

That’s the best way to validate dropping a feature: you break it and if no-one complains for 4 whole versions, you consider that it’s fine without it :wink: . It’s like A/B testing but with only As…


In general +1. I wonder, though, if not respecting this configuration option isn’t a regression that should be fixed for 15.10.x if you only want to apply this for 16.x.

Frankly I wouldn’t push for it since nobody ever complained about it. If we want to be really clean we could open a ticket and close it as wontfix.

So since the feature is already not used anymore at all, I might apply the change directly in XWiki 15.10 instead of keeping a useless administration configuration for a whole cycle.



+1 thanks

Closing this vote with 6 +1 and 1 +0. I’ll perform the change directly in 15.10 as indicated since it’s already not used anymore. I’m planning to do the change as part of Loading... as I’m refactoring this area.