Set (css) style as default for tables (default properties)

Hi, I’m evaluating XWiki (freshly installed 14.2) for a tech and non-tech installation: hence I’m looking for ways to ease usage for non-tech users, who should never need to edit a page in source format or know / have to look up things like css styles.

For example, I saw that the default table that is created with the WYSIWYG editor only has horizontal borders, and I can get a full bordered table adding table-bordered to the Stylesheet classes among its properties.

I now want my users to automatically get a bordered table whenever they add a table by the Table icon from the editor toobar.

How can I achieve this?

Hi. As an admin, you can use a SSX xobject to set some CSS to apply to all tables. See

Thanks, I’ll try that as soon as possible.

Sorry for the very late reply.

What I meant was something like what has been asked here:

That thread has a negative answer, so I guess this will have the same; I’m posting this just to clarify my question.

What I meant is i.e. for when adding a table, instead of:

to have the Headers property already set (but still changeable by the user that is adding the table):

or even the Stylesheet Classes already valued:


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Thanks @watery for this question.

We would love to make the customizations you mentioned (esp. assigning a default header row which is accessibility good practice). I’ve been reading the CKEditor 4 documentation and there is a Table properties plugin, but I’m not sure how to go about making the changes to default properties in XWiki.

Is this something that’s possible to declare in the Global administration – Editing – WYSIWYG Advanced configuration section or in the CSS of our XWiki skin via SSX?