Subwiki - can't install extension - Access denied when checking [programming] access to wiki

Good evening,

i have a problem when trying install some Extensions in a Subwiki.

For some extensions (e. g. Mocca Calendar, Blog Application) i dosen’t metter if i am the Owner of the Subwiki or
an Admin of this, i receive the following error message:

Access denied when checking [programming] access to wiki for user class org.xwiki.extension.InstallException: Failed to resolve extension

I’ve already found this both topics:

  1. Missing rights to install an extension (
  2. Extension Install Failed

But i don’t understand how exactly this problem could be solved.

Is it possible to grant “programming” (PR) rights to an global user, just
for a Subwiki?


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More information about the system where XWiki is installed on:

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
  • XWiki: Version 11.10.2, installed as Debian (.deb) Package
  • DB: PostgreSQL 10.10 (from XWiki .deb)
  • AppServer: Tomcat9 (from XWiki .deb)
  • Java: openJDK8 (8u232-b09) - installed as dependency from XWiki .deb package

Being owner of a subwiki is not enough to install extension of type JAR (or other extension which depending on JAR extension). You need to have programming right on the main wiki.

Having programming right is like being root on the while XWiki instance so it’s all or nothing.

Hi Thomas,

thanks for the fast response and the explanation.

Okay, in this case the admin of the main wiki need to install
all JAR extensions or XAR extensions which depends on JAR extensions.

Thanks & have a nice evening!

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