Table border is missing after migration from confluence

Hi Users,

I have migrated a space from confluence to xwiki, where i found all the tables displays like this,


@tmortagne, @mflorea am not sure of this issue related to CK Editor or Confluence XML.

Note: I have tried adding “table-bordered” stylesheet class for the table.



Issue not reproduced.

I have checked this forum,

Edit the page in WYSIWYG mode, place the caret inside the table and select “Bordered Table” from the “Styles” drop down that you have on the CKEditor tool bar.

but i couldn’t find anything like “Bordered Table” in styles. I have my edit in WYSIWYG mode.

Could anyone help me out?

Neither. This is how the standard XWiki skin display tables.

See also

Thank you @vmassol @tmortagne