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Hi @all,

we are moving at the moment from media wiki to xwiki.

Now we create our first table in xwiki. What is this, i can define a outline border, and where is my inline border?

I used google with xiwki table inline border, or xwiki table border i don´t find not a solution for my issue.

Any ideas? That can i see my inline borders

We are usign Xwiki 9.5.1 with CKEditor Integration


Edit the page in WYSIWYG mode, place the caret inside the table and select “Bordered Table” from the “Styles” drop down that you have on the CKEditor tool bar.

See also Loading... .

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excellent that was it!!!

thx for your answer

What do you mean by this? What is the caret, and I don’t see any option anywhere titled “Bordered Table”?

I’m trying to add borders to tables on this page:

I mean click inside the table so that if you type the text is inserted in one of the table cells.

Did you look in the Styles drop down?

I don’t see a Styles drop down at all. Is it possible that our implementation of Xwiki is outdated and/or missing important extensions?

What version of XWiki are you using? And can your post a screenshot of the edit mode?

I have no control over the installation of Xwiki itself, and the I.T. support is no longer responding to my emails. The bottom of the page says this:

      XWiki Enterprise 7.4.3 - Documentation

And here’s the screenshot.
Screenshot from 2017-11-13 11:19:34

Also, I’ve been trying to manually create borders using CSS, but it doesn’t appear to work. The style is overridden by something.

{{box cssClass="floatinginfobox" title="**Content**"}}

{{html clean="false"}}
td {
    border: 1px solid black;

|=Title 1|=Title 2\\
|Cell 11|Cell 12\\
|Cell 21|Cell 22\\

The editor that appears in your screen shot is the old GWT-based WYSIWYG editor that has been replaced by CKEditor in the latest versions of XWiki. So you’re not using CKEditor witch means my comments from this thread don’t apply. You can still use CKEditor (it supports XWiki 6.2.5+) but you need to install it with the Extension Manager from the Wiki Administration. See . Or, you can simply follow the FAQ .

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I could not find that FAQ entry to save my life. Thank you. That fixes it.