Using icons in xwiki

I’ve been trying to use the built in icons that come with xwiki, and either I am not finding the right documentation, or I’m missing something.

This is what I’ve found:

1/ there are 4 icon sets available(?):

2/ but you can set the default icon set for your theme under Administration, Look and Feel, Themes, Icon Theme (I ony see two listed there)

3/ to actually use an icon on your own, you can place either place an icon using the visual editor, select “icon” and give the name of the desired icon

Here is my question: what is the proper name to use? I was under the impression that from the above link, we should use the name listed in the left-hand most column.

However, when I try to use it myself, the only names that seem to work are the names of the silk icon.
e.g. [[image:icon:remove]] shows nothing, but [[image:icon:cancel]] works, and [[image:icon:fa-times-circle]] also shows nothing.

(my default icon set for the theme is set to silk)

Is this correct behaviour? Or should I expect to see the cancel/fa-times-circle icon when I ask for the remove icon? (assuming default of silk/font awesome icon set in the theme)

Any insight would be appreciated. I’d hate to use silk specific names and then have everything break on a future update because I didn’t use the theme neutral icon names. (and which doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment)

What am I missing?


Also note that note all icon sets are installed by default. For ex doesn’t say “bundled by default in XWiki Standard” at the top right.

Got it

1/ is true if you install the different available icon themes

2/ that setting effects the default icons displayed programmatically in the xwiki interface only

3/ works for silk icons, but you must use the silk icon names only - unless you are generating the icon programmatically.

Simple enough.

Thanks for clarifying that.

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