WebAuthn 1.0 released

Hii! I am currently working with XWiki as a GSoC student on this project. It’s my pleasure to announce the release of the first version.

Check it out here. It’s a WIP right now.

What has been done?

  • Added the basic skeleton that will be used by this XWiki extension.
  • Added various classes/components that will interact with XWiki’s authentication APIs.

The next release(aka v1.1) is expected around 15-20 August. It will introduce these features:

  • Add support to register webauthn credentials for an existing standard XWiki user and authenticate these users with the same.
  • A clean and minimal UI will be used for this authenticator when someone requests to login. (Configuration will be done in a manner in which the users can fallback to the standard way of authentication if they don’t satisfy the necessary prerequisites).

For more info: Add WebAuthn Support to XWiki(GSoC'21 project)

Thanks for your support,

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