Wrong Application Panel links


I’m trying to configure a fresh Install of XWiki (11.6) but I’m having problems concerning the Application Panel Links.

When trying to access them through the left Panel the links lead to bin/bin/view/Dashboard/ when they should be leading to bin/view/Dashboard/. Its exactly like described in this Thread:


The solution doesn’t apply to me though. I haven’t configured ShortURL yet and the xwiki.webapppath setting is not being used yet (uncommented). Any ideas?


Don’t you have all the links wrong in your wiki (and not just in the application panel)?

From what I see the App Panel uses $xwiki.getURL() which is also used by all the code that generate links in the UI.

Can you diff your xwiki.cfg file with the original one?

Also can you check that you don’t have any front end in front of XWiki (apache, nginx, reverse proxy, etc) and that your Servlet container doesn’t have any rule for transforming URL, and that you don’t use the URL Rewrite Filter indicated in the Short URL documentation?


Thanks for the quick reply.

Not all the links are wrong. For example if I go to my Profile or the Administration Area the links are correct i.e. /bin/view/XWiki/profilename and /bin/admin/XWiki/XWikiPreferences. Help Pages etc. are also in the right direction.

It seems to only be wrong when I’m clicking links on the Panels (located left and right in my wiki). When I click on links in “My Recent Modifications” which is located on the right panel I also get redirected to the wrong URL (/bin/bin/view/Sitename).

I haven’t made any changes to the xwiki.cfg yet so it basically is the original. I also haven’t done any configurations like ShortURL etc.

What abut that?

There’s something that adds the /bin/ part so your setup is definitely different from the default somewhere. We need to find where :slight_smile:

I just found out what the problem was. "xwiki.webapppath= " wasn’t uncommented in the xwiki.cfg yet. I changed that and now it works.
Anyways, thanks a lot for the help. Your replies are lightning fast :smiley:

ok so you did have a change vs the default xwiki.cfg file :wink: