XWiki 12.4 ID Macro Shows Blank

When testing out the ID Macro we came across this not displaying anymore.
How To Reproduce:
Create new page select marco ID type in information should display something like

What we end up seeing is this

In wiki edit

{{id name="Test page"/}}

{{id name="test"/}}

{{id name="Soemthing new"/}}

This is a test

Xwiki Versions:
Versions 12.4, 12.3

PopOS 20.04

Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit)
Chromium Version 80.0.3987.149

The rendering generates this HTML:

<!--startmacro:id|-|name="Test page"--><div id="Test page"></div><!--stopmacro-->
<!--startmacro:id|-|name="test"--><div id="test"></div><!--stopmacro-->
<!--startmacro:id|-|name="Soemthing new"--><div id="Soemthing new"></div><!--stopmacro-->
<div class="wikimodel-emptyline"></div>
<p>This is a test</p>

so the display you get seems normal. The WYSIWYG editor displays macro:abc only when the abc macro doesn’t produce any output, but in this this case the id macro has output: an HTML <div> element.

The display in the wysiwyg editor has changed though. Before12.3, we would get that nice object (see the first screenshot) that we could double click on to open and edit the macro, and now we see nothing. Even worse, if the ID macro comes at the start of a line of text (say, before a header, a very common place to add an anchor) not only can we no longer see the macro, there isn’t even an invisible object to click on and we observe some strange cursor behavior as well (hard to capture in a screenshot). If it helps, I can record a screen capture video to illustrate the odd behavior.

It’s so hard to figure out where we already have anchors in a page because of this invisible in-line id macro issue =/ and this is a new development after we “upgraded” to 12.3. So even if something was changed on purpose and this is working as intended, I request you to reconsider as this is way less user friendly now

What version did you use before? I just tested with XWiki 11.10.5 and the behavior is the same. And by looking at the code I don’t think this behavior has changed recently.

From which version?

Would be good to report an issue on https://jira.xwiki.org/projects/CKEDITOR/issues/


We were using 12.1 before going to 12.3

I’ll check with our admins to see if we have the latest version of the Id macro extension and see if that would make a difference, I can also try posting my issue as a comment in that extension page? Wondering if any code in the extension creates this behavior:


My mind also keeps returning to the strange cursor behavior we see with in-line ID macros as well, I doubt that is working as intended

If the ID macro version thing is a dead end I’ll post a ticket on jira, thanks for link.