XWiki 12.4 roadmap

Proposal for XS 12.4.


  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • The cursor should have the same position in both wysiwyg and source - Loading... - Marius
  • Postpone Object Creation/Deletion Until Document Is Saved - Loading... - Simon
  • Finish notifications refactoring for improved performance (nosql-based store) and verify that the perfs are very good - Thomas
  • Notifications scalability (to 1000000 users and 100000000 docs and 1000TB)
  • Prepare the new LT architecture (realtime editable LT) - Marius
  • Start work on the realtime editable LT - Clement D + Marius
  • Start work on mentions (investigation/gathering requirements + design + create jiras + start implementing some jiras) - Manuel
  • Finish work on atomic rename operation - Simon
  • Add support for extension without a file (i.e. dependencies of type “pom”) (for FASTEN) - Thomas


  • 12.4RC1: 18th of May 2020
  • 12.4Final: 25th of May 2020


Now published on https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/

As usual please create the necessary jiras and update the page with them, and assign yourself to the issues and set the fix version.