How to reinstall flamingo skin?

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I’ve noticed missing js folder in /xwiki/skins/flamingo path - this cause some errors in app/console/logs.
Is there any way to reinstall skin?

Another way I’m thinking of is to create new xwiki instance and copy/paste missing files to current destination but I want to avoid it as it’s time consuming work.

I’ve tried to find any related discussion on forum but sounds like no one else have raised it before.

Version on server: xWiki Debian 11.0.3.

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No such folder is supposed to exist. What suggested you it’s required ?

Thank you for quick answer.

I’m referring to problem mentioned in:

As we are missing js folder in flamingo skin then lightbox return errors.

Thanks for help.

OK, answered on the other thread.

I’m moving the conversation to original ticket and marking that one as solved then.

@tmortagne @vmassol can you please advice on

as we don’t know what more can be checked (it’s the same problem as mentioned in here).

Thanks in advance.