Stop bundling help and sandbox pages in XWiki

Hi everyone,

so this topic title is a bit provocative but it sums up my current feeling about those pages.

We currently bundle in XWiki Standard two applications Help and Sandbox. Advantage is that it allows anyone to immediately have documentation about a deployed wiki without needing to go online, it provides examples and toy apps for Help, and a first Sandbox where anyone can play.

Now I can see at least 2 problems:

  1. we don’t properly maintain documentation of the help pages, or new features in sandbox pages: we generally maintain more those information on as part of the standard doc we keep up to date along with the releases
  2. those pages are complicated to translate throught Weblate as they contain specific XWiki syntax and it would be a huge work to have Weblate support XWiki syntax

So the proposal here would be to consider that those pages are only available in, and that they would be translated also here. Then it would be easier to maintain them up to date, with the help of the community. And performing translations might be easier on the long run as there’s a few new extensions related to translations inside XWiki, and also for those pages we’d be inside XWiki so no problem with the syntax.

We could decide that we start globally to encourage translators to translate all doc on

For toy apps we provide in Help, we could decide to still bundle them in XS, as it’s probably something we want people to be able to play with. A solution would be to still have a Sandbox page, very minimalistic, and the toy app provided along with it.
We’d still need a help page to provide pointers towards probably.

And finally we might still need an easy solution for allowing users to bundle the doc page in an install: I’m thinking that maybe we could provide a mechanism to allow installing some doc page from the extension manager. Without having to perform actual releases of the doc pages. And that could be used also for offline installs (i.e. to be able to use the same mechanism to produce a XIP).