Duplication of user profile on XWiki header

:information_source: Before starting, this is related to these other discussions:

Hey everyone, while dealing with the aforementioned proposals that focused on the header area, I also noticed that we have some inconsistencies and redundancies regarding the user profile access.

General theme of the issues that I noticed:

  • Inconsistent visual design
  • Duplicated access to user profile, but only one of them allows me to log-out
  • Waste of space
  • Not an issue per se, but an improvement could be made to provide quicker access to user sub-pages

Please see the image below for details.

current imp

So I would like to propose some changes.

1) On avatar button

We could use a standard pop-over menu to provide quick access to sub-pages in the profile and add the log-out option here. This menu would appear on click, not on hover. With these changes, we would have the user profile section contained on a single item on the header.

:warning: Important: the current menu on the user profile page would continue to exist, I am not proposing the removal of the menu there.


2) On the drawer itself

Here the changes are mostly visual to keep it inline with the design of the rest of the wiki. The user section is removed so we don’t have issues with duplication and inconsistent design anymore. The blue bar at the top of the drawer remains there (albeit, smaller) to contain the close icon and also to keep an UIXP that is available there.


So, what I would like you to answer.

  • Do you agree that the current implementation can be improved?
  • What do you think of the changes proposed?
  • Do you have any other idea that could improve these changes further?

Thank you a lot for reading, I am really looking forward to your answers!

Definitely, we even have open issues about the difficult to find log out AFAIR.

I like your proposal, so I’d be +1 to apply it.

I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t check how to get rid of the drawer: if we go to your changes it’ll basically only contains admin link and the indexes.
Admin link could be put somewhere else (could even be just an icon), indexes could be a specific panel on the right, or another drop down menu. Remains what’s new which could be integrated in the dashboard maybe.

Well, I did a version with everything integrated to the user profile icon to see how it would go:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 10.19.45

In my opinion it mixed too much admin, wiki pages and personal stuff here, so that’s why I didn’t follow through with it.

I agree it’s not good to put everything in this dropdown. In any case, better do the transition step by step, so for now let’s keep the drawer.

Thanks Thiago. Looks good. Where did you move the register action?


Hi @vmassol, the registration process and log-in options are being discussed in this post.

Ok thanks, makes sense (so there would be 2 special clickable text/icons in the top right menu).


It’s great.

Really not a fan of putting in the user menu stuff which have nothing to do with the user (I still prefer the separated drawer to this).


They look good :slight_smile:

What about using a dropdown menu for the admin entries too?
That would leave the drawer unused, and then we could use it for giving access to new things (e.g., what’s new).

+1 on the proposed changes, they make a lot of sense and look good.

I would get rid of the drawer. As far as i remember a drawer isn’t used anywhere else in the wiki. And in 13.10.x it has some a11y issues in navigation with keyboard. (Iirc I made a/some jira ticket/s for that issue/s.)

I like what you propose for the user icon/menu. So my +1 too.

In favor of the new pop-over menu; against adding there both thr user-related and admin-related links (like others already stated).

I didn’t carefully check every link there, but simply replace the drawer with a pop-over menu too?

I personally don’t see any problem with the drawer, and I think it makes sense under the hamburger icon. The issues you mentioned have been fixed already. We also improved it recently to support multiple drawers opened at once.

Note: We also want to use a drawer for the “what’s new” feature (Loading...).

@tkrieck BTW, not exactly related to this topic but related to the drawer is Loading... . See also https://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/NestedDrawer. Maybe that’s something you could work on too so that we can progress on it?

Same here.